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Stroll the Alameda: Exploring the New Neighborhood

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Stroll15CardsWhat a great event to make new acquaintances with wine and beer lovers as well as local businesses! 

We convinced the group to join us for a local event Stroll the Alameda to explore the neighborhood, specifically The Alameda in San Jose, CA.  At first there was limited enthusiasm, but by the end of the afternoon, as we enjoyed some much-needed nourishment at Rosie’s New York Pizza, everyone agreed it was a lot of fun.

The event was well-organized with 20 wine/beer tasting locations to visit. We checked in to receive our wristbands and tickets which included 12 tastings, and then we were off. Most of us were not familiar with this area, and we struck gold at our very first stop Schurra’s, where we found delicious chocolates paired with Lightheart Cellars wines.  Other standouts for various reasons included Travieso Winery, Savory Kitchen, Seeker VineyardGreen Design and Wine Affairs.  A constant in this area is J. Lohr Vineyards with their tasting room right off The Alameda.

The libations providers and local merchants included:

Sarah’s Vineyard • 5 Color Cowboy; Stroll2015Travieso Winery • Metamorphic Tattoo; Various Wines • Tee Nee Thai; Lagunitas Brewing • Crossfit Silicon Valley; Fenestra Winery • Green Design; Santa Clara Valley Brewing • La Dolce Velo; Drake’s Brewing Co. • All-American; Stefania Winery • Mission Pipe; J. Lohr • Art Boutiki; Strike Brewery • Art Boutiki; Aimee June • The Arsenal; Guglielmo Winery • Alameda Artworks; Fortino Winery • Alameda Artworks; Lion Ranch • San Jose Made; Seeker Vineyard • Black Bird; Das Brew • Black & Brown; Lightheart Cellars • Schurra’s; Coterie Cellars • Savory Kitchens;Mission Creek Brewing • Whole Foods

This is an event that we will add to our regular list.  Already looking forward to the 2016 Stroll, and in the meantime we will be back to enjoy the new acquaintances we made.


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One thought on “Stroll the Alameda: Exploring the New Neighborhood

  1. So glad you enjoyed our event and welcome to the neighborhood!


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